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March 22 , 2013Chillin' in the New Pond....Litterally

It has been about a week since we have built the new pond and it has gone really well. After fertilizing the plants in the water I had to get all the loose rocks off the floor, because the fish love to move them around.

March 16 , 2013Another Suprising Update.

This spring break we have built a new pond. Quite an amazing feat. Thats not the only amazing thing because i am not the usual writer of this website, I am his son, Jeffrey. You can scroll under "House Stuff and then New Pond 2013" to see my first webpage design, and check out the new pond.

October 23, 2011The B-24 Experience

Our Ride This past weekend the CAF's B-29 and B-24 came to Austin. So we went to see them and get a little flight time. I've put up some pictures on this site, along with links to videos I took on the flight.

June 30, 2010Another Year Goes By

And another year without any updates. Shame on me. But we just got back from some vacationing up Seattle, and I've put up a bunch of pictures with what all we did up here. Check out the "Trips to Places" section to see them.

May 25, 2009The Pond Experiment

We finished up our first small pond as a test before building the big one. The plants and fish look to have finally stabilized and the little ecosystem is going its thing. I've put a couple of pictures up from it. I love taking pictures of flowers, so this should provide me some good chances to get some nice shots.

March 19, 2009Spring Break Vacation

Daily Commuter So I took the week off from work to spend time with Jeffrey doing fun stuff. Like drinking beer and making this thing. Yes, that is a fully working four-wheel independent suspension system, as well as working missile launchers. I call it my new daily commute vehicle. Selling things like this is how GM should be solving their money problems.

Next up for us is a trip to the Lady Lex down in Corpus!

January 1, 2009Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to one and all! My resolution for this year to update the website more often, so let's start that right now. I'm adding some stuff we've done around the house as well as pictures from Christmas. Enjoy!

December 30, 2008Dust Bunnies Be Gone!

Wow, has it really been *over a year* since I've updated this website? That can't be right. I guess it is, but it doesn't feel right. Were does the time go? At any rate, I've got some time away from work, and I will get to catching up on everything that I've meant to put here for *over a year*.

August 22, 2007Can we play catch?

ToadOnBall While out feeding the animals this evening, I saw this toad chilling out on an old tennis ball in the yard. He sat there long enough for me to go grab the camera, and snap about 10 or 15 shots of him up close. He was still there when I came back inside. So even toads can be cute and camera hams.

August 11, 2007Pictures from Monka Nesty and Titate's visit here are up too!

Got a bunch of the pictures from their recent visit uploaded as well. Enjoy!

August 10, 2007Galveston Trip Pictures are up!

Found some time to upload some pictures we took in Galveston. You can find them under the "Trips to Places" section. I'll get some other pictures uploaded in the next day or so. By the way: I found out what that ugly bug is...it's a Cottonwood Borer. They are common around here, if you care to know that kind of stuff.

August 7, 2007Go Away Ugly Bug!

UglyBug Found this thing running around my backyard earlier today. It's damn ugly. I didn't want to touch it because it was really ugly and mean looking, but at the same time I wanted to pick it up and throw it at Rossy. She's lucky I wussed out. Click on the picture if you want to see a better view of it.

In other news...

We went to Galveston about two weeks ago for a quick vacation. Rossy's parents also stopped by for a few days to visit. Had lots of fun both times, and took lots of pictures. I'll upload a bunch of them soon.

January 21, 2007Snowdays in Austin

Snowday We recently had several days of pure winter here in Austin. During one of those days, it snowed heavily. Rossy, Jeffrey, and Nugget enjoyed it very much.

January 6, 2007Happy New Year!

There year is starting off with a bang. Or really, more like a crack. A huge rock hit Rossy's windshield, and I took it to Safelite Glass here in Austin to have it replaced. That was a huge mistake. I got back a car with scratches in the paint, damaged cowling and weatherstripping, and glass sealant smeared on other parts. When I confronted them about it, they tried to give me excuses about how weatherstripping doesn't move, and how they have a bunch of lightbulbs burned out in their shop giving them poor lighting. In the end, they finally admitted to it, but it was comical to see the tech start off saying "yes, I was the one that changed your windshield" to "it was another guy, and he isn't here today". Now I am in the process of filing a claim with their corporate offices to get it fixed. Moral of the story: Stay away from Safelite Glass. Never again will they touch one of my vehicles.

December 21, 2006Me = Teh Rankz0rz!

Tundra It only took 11 years of off-and-on schooling, but I finally obtained the rank of College Graduate. To celebrate, I bought me a graduation present. With Rosselyn's permission of course. :)

October 5, 2006Tae Kwon Do Master Jeffrey

Jeffrey's ranked up to be a yellow belt now! Won't be long until he's skilled enough to whoop up on us.

May 27, 2006Two New Sets of Pictures

Pictures of our day at Lake Travis, and Jeffrey's 7th birthday are online.

May 26, 2006About Time For a Face Lift!

It's amazing what happens when you take a week off from work, and get a very bad sunburn the first day off only to have to spend several of the next days inside well away from the sun. You find you are so bored you decide to redo a website. All the pictures and links are still here, you just need to use the menu either to the left or above. I haven't converted all the pages to the new format, so it's not complete yet. But enjoy what's done done so far!

March 26, 2006Live action Weather

WeatherStationWe bought a weather station because we are weather bugs. We also decided to share our weather with everyone else. Click the Weather Related tab to see it! Our Weather about: Live action Weather